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Workplace Bullies

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Ok, so we have all seen them, right?  Every office has that a-hole that causes a mass exodus from the break room… people ducking into random cubicles… pretending to be on the phone… you get the drift.  It’s the office bully.  I used to work for a woman lovingly referred to as Darth Vader… behind her back, of course!  You know… the one so mean and horrible around that one look from them has you gasping for breath and praying for death.  Maybe I am being melodramatic, but my guess is that SOMEONE out there knows what I am talking about…

If you don’t – It’s probably you.  Starting noticing the dust trails people are laying when they walk away from you.

I am currently working on another article for publication about these people and need some stories, other than my own horrible experiences with a myriad of office bullies.  So please, please, please with a cherry on top – Leave me some horrifying stories via comments.  The best story just might win a prize!!  [Eyebrow waggle]

Chime in people – this is your opportunity to tell the world about your own personal Darth Vader experience!  You don’t have to give names… unless you want to 😉



You’re Not the Boss of Me!! Oh, wait… you ARE… Crap!!

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When I interviewed for my position with The Company, I was interviewed by a guy named Mark, who was to be my manager.  He was a complete tool.  My interview process was over 2 hours long and after about 15 minutes, I realized that this guy didn’t have a clue what he was doing.  He asked me about 10 different questions… over and over again, in varying ways.  Most of my responses began, “As I mentioned earlier…” because they were literally the same questions rephrased over and over.  It was the most painful interview of my life.  Then, I heard nothing for several weeks.  Oh well.  Well, about 4 days before the position was expected to start, I got a call offering me the job.  I jumped on it (as underpaid as it was) because my contract was ending and I needed work.

By the time I started, Mark was no longer employed by The Company.  I never really got the full explaination behind that – but it appears that my initial assessment of his tool-ness, was dead on.  So, now I would be reporting directly to the director, “B”.  She was a nice enough lady, so it seemed.  She was red-headed, very overweight, and funny as hell.  I really got along well with her, at first.  I found out prior to my coming there, she had actually been about 130 lbs heavier than she already was, but had the lap band surgery and had a great success with it.  [Before you think I am bashing… I have also had this surgery]

Unfortuantely, we found out pretty quickly that she wasn’t always to be trusted.  You would be having a great day… a great conversation with her… and then BOOM… it would wind up biting you in the ass.  It really shook my trust in people, especially in management.  I had several off-line conversations used against me as excuses for work not being accomplished.  No, it wasn’t because my husband is bipolar… it is because you asked me to design 11 brand new classes in one week.  That is retarded.

I would like, now, to give you some of the B-isms that we grew so accustomed to.  Enjoy.

What had happened was…  I have so many problems with this line opening EVERY sentence.  Seriously?  Just tell me what happened.  I don’t need to know that it “had happened.”  She also failed to pronounce the T in what and the D in had, so it sounded like a line Mush Mouth from Fat Albert would have used frequently [wha’ ha’ happen was…].

I was give out.   In English, this means “I was exhausted.”  This sentence was uttered at least once a day while conveying her exhaustion from the night before. 

Baby, I don’t eat.  This one usually happened while she was eating a slice of cake [diabetic] or something else she shouldn’t have that she would have to quickly “dispose of” because her lap band couldn’t handle it.  I am sorry, but as a large person, you just don’t say these things with a straight face.  I know from first-hand experience how hard it can be to eat after having that surgery… but come on!

Oh there were a slew of other things that I have blocked from my brain.  When I talk to my partners in crime… I will update with more.

A few months after I started working there, I brought in a friend of mine to do some temp work for us.  Within a few months… she became our boss.  Yeah… it does suck that much.  Oh well… she was a great girl and ended up being a much better boss to work under than B.  At least she had a clue…