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Workplace Bullies

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Ok, so we have all seen them, right?  Every office has that a-hole that causes a mass exodus from the break room… people ducking into random cubicles… pretending to be on the phone… you get the drift.  It’s the office bully.  I used to work for a woman lovingly referred to as Darth Vader… behind her back, of course!  You know… the one so mean and horrible around that one look from them has you gasping for breath and praying for death.  Maybe I am being melodramatic, but my guess is that SOMEONE out there knows what I am talking about…

If you don’t – It’s probably you.  Starting noticing the dust trails people are laying when they walk away from you.

I am currently working on another article for publication about these people and need some stories, other than my own horrible experiences with a myriad of office bullies.  So please, please, please with a cherry on top – Leave me some horrifying stories via comments.  The best story just might win a prize!!  [Eyebrow waggle]

Chime in people – this is your opportunity to tell the world about your own personal Darth Vader experience!  You don’t have to give names… unless you want to 😉



Search Engine Terms – Bringing ya back for more

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It is time once again to look at the search engine terms that have brought people to my blog.  I am still getting the ones from last time, but a few new ones need to be acknowledged!  I really enjoy reading these terms and giggling at the things people type into the Google search bar in the privacy of their homes…

“I think he might be gay” [enter]  haha (that one is just for you, friend who shall remain nameless)

“the boss of me” grammar – I, too, have an issue with this phrase’s grammatical structure, but as it was probably invented by a 3-year old, I think we should cut them some slack.  If, however, you are a grown up and uttering this phrase to the person who signs your paycheck… you are an idiot.  Take it to a blog, like the rest of us!  😉

You don’t have to be a brain to be boss – Oh how true.  In some offices, you don’t even have to HAVE a brain to be the boss.  But, I digress.  We have all worked for a stupid boss at some point…  Someone that you just look at and think, “How in the hell can I work for someone with the IQ of a Muppet??”  But just remember… they are just smart enough to be your boss…

People on the fourth floor– OK… someone searching for this freaks me out a little.  Like that really bad movie “People Under the Stairs” or whatever it was that scared the crap out of me as a youngster.  People on the fourth floor aren’t so bad.  It is really more the ridiculous situations we kept finding ourselves in that are the problem.

Mary face appears on floor– Ok.. how the HELL did this link up to my blog??  Yikes.  I don’t want that face on my floor.  Unless it is in the form of grilled cheese.  Mmmmm… grilled cheese… [mouth watering Homer-style]

Cubicle Prairie Doggin – This one comes up about once a week, so I just thought I would acknowledge it.  I have covered it in the past, both in a post and in a previous search engine post.

+”Pearls before swine” + “Hostile Takeover”– I [heart] the Pearls Before Swine comic strip.  It is my current favorite, and I read it daily.  Stephen Pastis, if you are reading this (or if you wrote it… come on… fess up!!)… you are welcome to do a PBS strip of my Cubes hostile takeover.  I vote for Rat to win the takeover (who else??).  I could very easily see Zebra or Goat with the Breakroom Breakdown, so that is up for interpretation.  Call me!  hehe

“what happens at lucky on the 4th floor”– I can hardly bring myself to read this, let alone say it out loud.  Seriously… you grammar is atrocious. 

Inappropriate use of big words – I don’t know if I have blogged about this yet (I think I have talked about the misuse of big words), but this is a major pet peeve of mine.  I can’t stand it when people are using big words at inappropriate times to make themselves look smart.  Look, brain child… if no one knows what you are talking about, you don’t look smart.  You have zero influence, and chances are people will just think you are a tool.  If you don’t know what a word means, don’t use it.  You will probably just use it wrong, and rather than people THINKING you are an idiot – they will KNOW you are an idiot.  And a tool.

That’s it for this time!!  Check back in later for more tales from the Fourth Floor!

Search Engine Terms – Finding what you are looking for

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I love the wordpress blog so much more than my other one – simply from a stats perspective.  It allows me to see how many people are visting, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for.  I love the search engine terms too, and thought I would share them with you, taking a cue from a friend.  So, here they are:

Peaing Mantis – I have written several blogs on my arch nemesis, The Peeing Mantis.  This is a woman in my office who pees all over the seat in the public restroom and does not clean up after herself.  I hate her a lot.  I don’t know exactly what the ‘peaing mantis’ does, except maybe throws frozen peas at people?  Not sure what you were looking for here.  Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Why should a person want to mentor – If you are asking this question, mentoring is probably not for you.  Mentoring is a way for a person with a lot of experience (or has made a lot of mistakes and learned really valuable lessons from said mistakes) to coach a less experienced person.  There are many, many people in the workplace who should NEVER mentor other people.  I had a director once that everyone referred to as ‘Darth Vadar’.  She would be one of those people.  If people see you coming and they crawl into the ceiling tiles to escape, chances are they will NOT be asking for you to be their mentor.

She is the boss not over me – So, that would make her not the boss of you.  Congrats – You don’t have to listen to her.

You are not the boss of me origin– No clue, but children have been telling their parents this for ages.  I am sure it started when Caveman Dad told bratty Caveman Son to clean the cave, and it was all downhill from there.  But, bratty Caveman Son was probably eaten by a saber-tooth tiger due to an underdeveloped sense of “fight or flight,” so everyone wins.

Pearls Before Swine meow joke– I loves me some Pearls Before Swine (cartoon).  I am not sure which meow joke they were looking for, but if you come across it, I would love to see it.  My meow joke came from Super Troopers (movie) and is hysterical.  I would link in the video, but the Nazi bastards at my office have blocked YouTube.  But, if you have stumbled on to my blog through the cleaver use of search terms, then you can probably find the clip on your own.

Apparently I walked into the face of hell – Yeah… me too – hence the name of my blog.

I like my job but I can’t stand rhonda – Who searches for this??  I think this is definitely the funniest one so far.  Sorry you don’t like Rhonda.  Our Big Rhonda was super nice and a very good person.  She just had a very negative attitude and sighed a lot.  In a big, huffy way.

Susanne Gaddis – Interesting that I would get a search term hit on Susanne.  She is a friend of mine and I have been enjoying her classes for years.  If you are interested in contacting her, you can reach her at  Tell her I sent you 🙂

Prairie Doggin– I have searched for this term too.  Mostly in the Google images for pictures to attach to the blog.  Prairie dogging, in an office setting, is the popping of one’s head over/around a cubicle wall to see what other people are doing.  It is really annoying.  Quit it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing what brings people to the Fourth Floor, or the HellBlog, as I am now calling it in polite company.  Keep on searching, because I just love trying to figure out what you were really looking for when you ended up here.