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The Peeing Mantis – Unmasked!

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Sort of.

Thanks to those that have continued to hit this site.  I have been on other blogging adventures.  But do not worry.  I will be back to this blog shortly.

My mother is an awesome artist, and I asked her to take my vision of The Peeing Mantis and bring her to life.  Man, did she ever pull through!  This is what TPM looks like in my brain:

I hope it was worth the wait.


Woooooah! And I do apologize…

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Hey people!  I can’t believe the number of hits I am getting on a daily basis, and I have been REALLY behind in updating!  I think I started this blog about 15 months ago, and I am closing in on 6,000 hits!!  Dang!  Thank you for stopping by… adding it to your RSS feed… sending me out in your company newsletter… etc.

I will be picking this up again after the holidays, and will hopefully have a few characters to put up on the character page!  Sorry I have been so slow to update!  Real life and the world’s easiest divorce got in the way.

In the meantime, I will tell you that even though someone has FINALLY put up a note in the “Ladies” room (and YES the quotation marks are sarcastic) regarding “respectful bathroom behavior”, the Peeing Mantis is still on the loose.  Hey Santa… if you want, I will be glad to reveal her identity so that you can fill her stocking with lumps of coal… or perhaps some toilet paper and seat protectors… or perhaps a new brain entirely.  Ooooh… maybe she needs Hooked on Phonics to see that note was meant for HER.  You are not on my gift list this year, PM.  Oh no.  You are on a completely different list.  Oh yes.  You are.
One more thing – I have noticed that I have been placed in many a blogroll, and I thank you very much!  I will be adding to my blogroll soon, so if you would like your blog linked through mine, please send me a little comment love with the name of your site and I will be happy to post!  We all have to stick together in this great big blogosphere!

For more fun, festive Holiday readings, check out my sister blog:

Happy Holidays from the 4th floor!

Send Me Some Love!

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Hey there Loyal Readers and Newbies alike!!

I promise that I have not forgotten this blog.  Far from it, in fact.  I am working on a few things and am really looking forward to the future!  Don’t worry… I am still the same snarky former Company employee… there are plenty of good times to come.

I appreciate everyone still hitting my site, even though my posting has been lagging.  I get hits mostly from people still wanting a definition to “Inculcate” or Running with the Bulls [shrugs]. I will do a full review of awesome (and bizarre) search engine terms shortly.

In the meantime, I would love for all you lurkers (and very vocal commenters) to come out from hiding and let me know which Hell Blog story has been your favorite!  Enquiring minds want to know! 

puppy 1
Even adorable puppies are begging for your comments!

 PS – This is not my puppy.  But I wish he was.  He does/did belong to my friend Erica though.

Excitation and Other Ramblings

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I was excited to log-in this afternoon and see that I have finally broken 1,000 hits on this blog!!  It has been almost four months since I got the bug to blog, and I am thrilled to death that you keep on coming back for more!  Thank you!

So in other rambling news –   I caught the Peeing Mantis in the bathroom last week.  I hate her guts.  I can’t look at her without mentally strangling her and then shuddering at the thought of actually having physical contact with her and her gross ways.  [vomit]

Yesterday it SNOWED in Houston!!  Oh, I was thrilled.  This morning, I heard that there were more the 500 accidents in the area in less than 24-hours due to weather.  It really just proves that people are dumb.  If you get in your car and utter the phrase, “Whatever!  I can make it…”  Chances are… you are an idiot.  And you probably did not make it.  And are now on the side of the road looking like a tool while the news team quizzes you on your idiocy.

Another thought – when looking at my search engine terms today that have brought people to my blog… I ran across this one:

Women peeing web sites

Whoever you are… you are one sick bastard. [shudder]  This is NOT that kind of site.  I do talk about said Peeing Mantis… but seriously… GROSS!

Hmmm… I think that is all for now.  I will be back to blogging about The Company very soon.  In the meantime – check out my friend’s new blog!  He is quite talented!! 

Search Engine Terms – Finding what you are looking for

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I love the wordpress blog so much more than my other one – simply from a stats perspective.  It allows me to see how many people are visting, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for.  I love the search engine terms too, and thought I would share them with you, taking a cue from a friend.  So, here they are:

Peaing Mantis – I have written several blogs on my arch nemesis, The Peeing Mantis.  This is a woman in my office who pees all over the seat in the public restroom and does not clean up after herself.  I hate her a lot.  I don’t know exactly what the ‘peaing mantis’ does, except maybe throws frozen peas at people?  Not sure what you were looking for here.  Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Why should a person want to mentor – If you are asking this question, mentoring is probably not for you.  Mentoring is a way for a person with a lot of experience (or has made a lot of mistakes and learned really valuable lessons from said mistakes) to coach a less experienced person.  There are many, many people in the workplace who should NEVER mentor other people.  I had a director once that everyone referred to as ‘Darth Vadar’.  She would be one of those people.  If people see you coming and they crawl into the ceiling tiles to escape, chances are they will NOT be asking for you to be their mentor.

She is the boss not over me – So, that would make her not the boss of you.  Congrats – You don’t have to listen to her.

You are not the boss of me origin– No clue, but children have been telling their parents this for ages.  I am sure it started when Caveman Dad told bratty Caveman Son to clean the cave, and it was all downhill from there.  But, bratty Caveman Son was probably eaten by a saber-tooth tiger due to an underdeveloped sense of “fight or flight,” so everyone wins.

Pearls Before Swine meow joke– I loves me some Pearls Before Swine (cartoon).  I am not sure which meow joke they were looking for, but if you come across it, I would love to see it.  My meow joke came from Super Troopers (movie) and is hysterical.  I would link in the video, but the Nazi bastards at my office have blocked YouTube.  But, if you have stumbled on to my blog through the cleaver use of search terms, then you can probably find the clip on your own.

Apparently I walked into the face of hell – Yeah… me too – hence the name of my blog.

I like my job but I can’t stand rhonda – Who searches for this??  I think this is definitely the funniest one so far.  Sorry you don’t like Rhonda.  Our Big Rhonda was super nice and a very good person.  She just had a very negative attitude and sighed a lot.  In a big, huffy way.

Susanne Gaddis – Interesting that I would get a search term hit on Susanne.  She is a friend of mine and I have been enjoying her classes for years.  If you are interested in contacting her, you can reach her at  Tell her I sent you 🙂

Prairie Doggin– I have searched for this term too.  Mostly in the Google images for pictures to attach to the blog.  Prairie dogging, in an office setting, is the popping of one’s head over/around a cubicle wall to see what other people are doing.  It is really annoying.  Quit it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing what brings people to the Fourth Floor, or the HellBlog, as I am now calling it in polite company.  Keep on searching, because I just love trying to figure out what you were really looking for when you ended up here.

The Peeing Mantis

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I am transferring this post from my other blog because I experienced this again today, and I just feel it needs to be talked about, in the office setting. I hope you haven’t had to experience this, but there are enough jerks out there that I am sure you have.  Enjoy!

The Peeing Mantis Strikes Again!!!

Ok ladies… I am completely grossed out by this bathroom phenomenon known as “hovering.” I do not understand how or why this came to be a good thing, especially at work. This is not the gas station on the corner! It is a regularly-cleaned office bathroom used only by co-workers in a secured building. I do not see the need to hover. ESPECIALLY when there are convienent seat covers in every stall. I cannot tell you how many times over the last year I have walked in and seen the recent shower left behind. Gross!!
I envision this woman, whoever she is, as a giant Preying Mantis (aka Peeing Mantis). I wish I was a graphic artist so I could draw what I see in my head. Blech. All I can find is this:

Just cover the seat and move on. You are grossing me out.

The Unmasking of the Peeing Mantis

Well, through a weird conversation yesterday, I have finally learned the identity of my arch nemesis ~ The Peeing Mantis. You will recall from my earlier blog that this is the alias I have given to the dis-gust-ing woman in my office who sprinkles all over the toilet seat (hovering, thereby appearing mantis-like) and then fails to clean up after herself.
I am so creeped out by this knowledge!! I don’t know if I can ever look at her again without glaring and silently hating her nasty guts. I do laugh outloud after hearing her unmasker say, “She stands like a man!!” It was funny. And disturbing on SO many levels.
I will not call her out here, even though it is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance she would EVER read my blog. Just know I am on to you, Peeing Mantis.