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Woooooah! And I do apologize…

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Hey people!  I can’t believe the number of hits I am getting on a daily basis, and I have been REALLY behind in updating!  I think I started this blog about 15 months ago, and I am closing in on 6,000 hits!!  Dang!  Thank you for stopping by… adding it to your RSS feed… sending me out in your company newsletter… etc.

I will be picking this up again after the holidays, and will hopefully have a few characters to put up on the character page!  Sorry I have been so slow to update!  Real life and the world’s easiest divorce got in the way.

In the meantime, I will tell you that even though someone has FINALLY put up a note in the “Ladies” room (and YES the quotation marks are sarcastic) regarding “respectful bathroom behavior”, the Peeing Mantis is still on the loose.  Hey Santa… if you want, I will be glad to reveal her identity so that you can fill her stocking with lumps of coal… or perhaps some toilet paper and seat protectors… or perhaps a new brain entirely.  Ooooh… maybe she needs Hooked on Phonics to see that note was meant for HER.  You are not on my gift list this year, PM.  Oh no.  You are on a completely different list.  Oh yes.  You are.
One more thing – I have noticed that I have been placed in many a blogroll, and I thank you very much!  I will be adding to my blogroll soon, so if you would like your blog linked through mine, please send me a little comment love with the name of your site and I will be happy to post!  We all have to stick together in this great big blogosphere!

For more fun, festive Holiday readings, check out my sister blog:

Happy Holidays from the 4th floor!


Send Me Some Love!

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Hey there Loyal Readers and Newbies alike!!

I promise that I have not forgotten this blog.  Far from it, in fact.  I am working on a few things and am really looking forward to the future!  Don’t worry… I am still the same snarky former Company employee… there are plenty of good times to come.

I appreciate everyone still hitting my site, even though my posting has been lagging.  I get hits mostly from people still wanting a definition to “Inculcate” or Running with the Bulls [shrugs]. I will do a full review of awesome (and bizarre) search engine terms shortly.

In the meantime, I would love for all you lurkers (and very vocal commenters) to come out from hiding and let me know which Hell Blog story has been your favorite!  Enquiring minds want to know! 

puppy 1
Even adorable puppies are begging for your comments!

 PS – This is not my puppy.  But I wish he was.  He does/did belong to my friend Erica though.

Workplace Bullies

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Ok, so we have all seen them, right?  Every office has that a-hole that causes a mass exodus from the break room… people ducking into random cubicles… pretending to be on the phone… you get the drift.  It’s the office bully.  I used to work for a woman lovingly referred to as Darth Vader… behind her back, of course!  You know… the one so mean and horrible around that one look from them has you gasping for breath and praying for death.  Maybe I am being melodramatic, but my guess is that SOMEONE out there knows what I am talking about…

If you don’t – It’s probably you.  Starting noticing the dust trails people are laying when they walk away from you.

I am currently working on another article for publication about these people and need some stories, other than my own horrible experiences with a myriad of office bullies.  So please, please, please with a cherry on top – Leave me some horrifying stories via comments.  The best story just might win a prize!!  [Eyebrow waggle]

Chime in people – this is your opportunity to tell the world about your own personal Darth Vader experience!  You don’t have to give names… unless you want to 😉


Oooook…. Inculcate? Really?

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What is the number one search engine term bringing people to the HellBlog?  It USED to be The Peeing Mantis.


“Use inculcate in a sentence” [enter]

Really?  Seriously??  I have had over 40 searchers hit my blog since I posted this post back in October.  I am appalled saddened curious about this.  I mean are there really that many people who are searching for this term?  I had never even heard of it before some wise guy at The Company pulled a thesaurus out of his ass and decided to show everyone one the worst possible word to put into a motivational strategic plan since “downsizing”.

I just had to comment on this since it comes up several times a week.

One other that made me laugh:  “Use apparently in a sentence”.  Ok.  Apparently, you are a moronHow’s that?


Post Script– Recently, one of my named characters has attempted to add me as a friend on Facebook.  I have not accepted yet, as I do not wish to hurt her feelings, were she to stumble upon this blog, which I am pimping pretty heavily via Facebook right now… not to mention I would like to avoid anyone at The Company learning about this until the book is in the jacket, so to speak.  So… thoughts – Do I change her name in the blog… OR do I pretend I never saw the friend request?  Comments appreciated, as always!!

Excitation and Other Ramblings

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I was excited to log-in this afternoon and see that I have finally broken 1,000 hits on this blog!!  It has been almost four months since I got the bug to blog, and I am thrilled to death that you keep on coming back for more!  Thank you!

So in other rambling news –   I caught the Peeing Mantis in the bathroom last week.  I hate her guts.  I can’t look at her without mentally strangling her and then shuddering at the thought of actually having physical contact with her and her gross ways.  [vomit]

Yesterday it SNOWED in Houston!!  Oh, I was thrilled.  This morning, I heard that there were more the 500 accidents in the area in less than 24-hours due to weather.  It really just proves that people are dumb.  If you get in your car and utter the phrase, “Whatever!  I can make it…”  Chances are… you are an idiot.  And you probably did not make it.  And are now on the side of the road looking like a tool while the news team quizzes you on your idiocy.

Another thought – when looking at my search engine terms today that have brought people to my blog… I ran across this one:

Women peeing web sites

Whoever you are… you are one sick bastard. [shudder]  This is NOT that kind of site.  I do talk about said Peeing Mantis… but seriously… GROSS!

Hmmm… I think that is all for now.  I will be back to blogging about The Company very soon.  In the meantime – check out my friend’s new blog!  He is quite talented!! 


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I know I am a bit behind on this blog, as of late.  Things are swirling around me and I am trying to catch them all and hold them in my pockets.  Like my 17 month old niece stuffing pecans into her pockets.  Just because she has pockets.  I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the things I am thankful for, in light of the holiday tomorrow:

  • Health – 2007 and the early months of 2008 were pretty rough for me, health-wise.  I am very thankful that I have not been seriously ill in the past 6 months and hope this trend will continue as I get my stress level under control.
  • Family & Friends– Thank you to my awesome family and amazing network of friends.  You mean the world to me, and I couldn’t see life without you.  Thank you, also, for your continued support of my writing ventures.  It thrills me to no end to know that my writing is being read and appreciated.  This is also extended to my new network of blog friends! You guys bring laughter into my day, and I totally love you for it!  Lori, Amy, Maggie, Jenny, Melanie and Craig… just to name a few.
  • Idiots in the Workplace– Without you… I wouldn’t have a blog.  Hehe
  • Articles being published!!! – I found out this morning that an article I co-authored with Susanne will be published in at least 5 different publications in the coming months.  Woohoo!
  • Sarcasm and Snark – Without you, I would have no reason to exist.  You truly help me through the day and for that, I am forever grateful..
  • BLOG COMMENTS – I am thrilled and grateful for each and every comment left on my blog.  If you read it… and you like it… PLEASE comment!  Even if it just says, “Great post” it really makes my day.  I love the ones that say “I love it… and I am a little drunk” (ahem, Jenny hehe) even more.  Bahaha

Now…. if you have something to be thankful about, go ahead and give me a shout!!  In a comment.  Just press the button… it’s not hard hehe 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I want to mentor YOU…

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A few months into my tenure with The Company, I was “selected” (note – sarcasm) to be on a committee to design a Leadership Development Program.  Initially, I was the only person on the team who had any experience with this type of program.  As we went along, we brought in another girl (who subsequently became my boss, but I digress…) who also had experience, but were mostly working with people who had been selected politically to help move the project along.  It was a dreadful project.  We met every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 – 4:30 pm and rarely got anything accomplished.  These meetings were torture for me, especially since I would normally teach a 4 hour class on Tuesday mornings, which meant I had about 30 minutes to break down the class, run back to our office (4 blocks away), and shove some food into my mouth before being brought into this meeting.

I could go on for days about the lunacy of this project, but that will be for another time.  Fast forward 9 months… We have selected the three people who will be in this program.  I may have failed to mention that The Company was VERY small, and this was a pilot program for the future Leadership Development Program.  Part of the program included a mentorship with a higher-ranking leader in the organization.  Each participant was asked to come up with a short list of mentors that they would enjoy working with.  Two of the participants completed this task with no problems and came up with a decent list of possible mentors.

Then there was “Doreen.”  Doreen’s list comes back to us and looks really odd.  She has people on the list who are both above and below her level, and it just looked strange.  So, we asked her about it.  “Doreen, is this the list of people you want to mentor you??”  “No, these are the people I want to mentor.”  What. the. $^&@#???  We must have looked completely ridiculous standing there with our mouths open.  Kris and I were completely dumbfounded that someone would have the audacity to tell us who THEY wanted to mentor!  The entire point of the program was for these three people to learn more so that they could be better leaders later on.  Typically, the mentoring relationship is decided by the person looking for guidance (mentee) because they know what they want to learn and select a person whose traits and success they admire.

Not everyone should be a mentor.  This is a simple truth that people need to recognize.  Doreen…. should never mentor anyone.  Ever.  The fact that she is even in management in this organization is a testament to its inherent stupidity.  A mentor should actually have admirable qualities that people want to emulate.  They should also be interested in the development of their mentee… not just stroking their own ego.


Thanks to LB and her PhotoShop abilities 🙂