Oooook…. Inculcate? Really?

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What is the number one search engine term bringing people to the HellBlog?  It USED to be The Peeing Mantis.


“Use inculcate in a sentence” [enter]

Really?  Seriously??  I have had over 40 searchers hit my blog since I posted this post back in October.  I am appalled saddened curious about this.  I mean are there really that many people who are searching for this term?  I had never even heard of it before some wise guy at The Company pulled a thesaurus out of his ass and decided to show everyone one the worst possible word to put into a motivational strategic plan since “downsizing”.

I just had to comment on this since it comes up several times a week.

One other that made me laugh:  “Use apparently in a sentence”.  Ok.  Apparently, you are a moronHow’s that?


Post Script– Recently, one of my named characters has attempted to add me as a friend on Facebook.  I have not accepted yet, as I do not wish to hurt her feelings, were she to stumble upon this blog, which I am pimping pretty heavily via Facebook right now… not to mention I would like to avoid anyone at The Company learning about this until the book is in the jacket, so to speak.  So… thoughts – Do I change her name in the blog… OR do I pretend I never saw the friend request?  Comments appreciated, as always!!


Dear Co-worker:

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There are several things I do not want to see when I enter the bathroom at work.  One, you well know, is your pee on the seat.  Gross.  Another would be people changing their clothes like it is a gym locker room.  Really, yoga lady… I don’t need to see your panties at work.

But… this one… is a new one.  When I walked into stall #1 this morning, I came across this little bit of TMI:


Now, I completely understand that you are having some discomfort, and I do not begrudge you the temporary relief that this ointment must provide.  But seriously, lady… TAKE THE CREAM WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!!!

I like my co-workers (well, most of them), but this is entirely too much information.

The less I know about your ass… the better.

Blog Love

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I was super excited to see that I recently got a new blog award from my new friend, Amy!  I met her recently through a mutual friend and enjoyed talking to her right away!!  She has been very sweet and encouraging of all of my blogs :).  Thanks, Amy!

My Award, Isn't it Cute!

Da rules:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.

2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.

3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.

Instructions: On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. To add the award to your post, simply right-click, save image, then “add image” it in your post as a picture so your winners can save it as well. To add it to your sidebar, add the “picture” widget. Also, don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog.

So I would like to pass the award on to several people.


The Hebert Family:  Melanie and I have been friends since Jr. High, and I just love being able to keep up with the goings on of her family.  She is also a big supporter of my particular brand of snark, so that makes me really happy!  And sorry for never being able to figure out how to make the accent mark in your names.  It’s pronounced “A-Bear”, not He-Burt.  🙂

Lori Brown Blog: Even though I know you will never get around to accepting this award… I couldn’t give out a “Your blog is FABULOUS” award without including you!  Love you, girl!!

The Bloggess: Jenny just gets funnier and funnier!  Keep ’em coming, girl!!  You also have the funniest commenters I have ever seen.  I wish they were on my blog.  No, seriously… send them to my blog [using Jedi mind trick].  hehe

Can’t Hardly Wait:  I have recently started reading this blog and find Georgette’s writing style to be right up my alley.  We are also in similar situations, so it is sometimes good to read these things through the eyes of others.

The Daily Blonde:  I follow Cheryl through Twitter, and also through her blogs.  She is hysterical!!

Honorable Mentions: Maggie Dammit, Little Miss Obsessive, Zrtist (Due to there only being 5 and trying to diplomatically spread the love around)


Now for the fabulous addictions:

  1. Blogging– Duh!  I currently run four blogs of my own (This one, This One, one for my niece, and “the other one” – if you want to see that one, let me know.  I try not to spread it around 😉 .  I am also helping Zrtist with his site until he has time to get it up and going.  What can I say?  I have the gift for gab!
  2. The Girls Next Door – Yeah, I admitted it.  Sue me.
  3. Scrapbooking & Photography
  4. Dr. Pepper
  5. Office Supplies – Yes… I am a fool for a new address book, notepad, and some great new pens.  I think there is a 12-step program.

So, now it is YOUR turn to spread the love!  Send this on to your 5 favorite bloggers!  Also, remember this – If we didn’t want people to read (read = COMMENT) on our blogs, we wouldn’t bother blogging!!  Send a shout out via comment so we know you are reading!

Excitation and Other Ramblings

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I was excited to log-in this afternoon and see that I have finally broken 1,000 hits on this blog!!  It has been almost four months since I got the bug to blog, and I am thrilled to death that you keep on coming back for more!  Thank you!

So in other rambling news –   I caught the Peeing Mantis in the bathroom last week.  I hate her guts.  I can’t look at her without mentally strangling her and then shuddering at the thought of actually having physical contact with her and her gross ways.  [vomit]

Yesterday it SNOWED in Houston!!  Oh, I was thrilled.  This morning, I heard that there were more the 500 accidents in the area in less than 24-hours due to weather.  It really just proves that people are dumb.  If you get in your car and utter the phrase, “Whatever!  I can make it…”  Chances are… you are an idiot.  And you probably did not make it.  And are now on the side of the road looking like a tool while the news team quizzes you on your idiocy.

Another thought – when looking at my search engine terms today that have brought people to my blog… I ran across this one:

Women peeing web sites

Whoever you are… you are one sick bastard. [shudder]  This is NOT that kind of site.  I do talk about said Peeing Mantis… but seriously… GROSS!

Hmmm… I think that is all for now.  I will be back to blogging about The Company very soon.  In the meantime – check out my friend’s new blog!  He is quite talented!! 

Should I Stay or Do I Go Now

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Recently, I found out that an article I co-authored is being published, so far, in five state nursing magazines!  I am thrilled!!  I thought I would share the article here.  This is my first publication, and I am just tickled!!

Should I Stay Or Do I Go Now:  Eight Ways To Increase Loyalty And Retention

By: Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, Elizabeth Cates, M.A.


With the current nursing shortage, nurses have a lot more choices of where they’re going to work and how long they’re going to stay. As baby boomers retire and younger generations of nurses enter the workforce, gone are the days where a nurse would start a career and then four decades later retire from the same position. With the rising demand for nurses in the coming years, it is crucial to create a welcoming and appreciative atmosphere.


Today, healthcare workers are on the move, and to encourage them to stay in one place, hospitals and nurse management are challenged to think of new and innovative ideas for creating loyalty and retention.  In addition, each healthcare worker also has the responsibility of creating a healthy atmosphere in which to work, one where their co-workers will want to stay for the long haul.


As you are seeking to increase loyalty and retention, here are some things to keep both you and your colleagues motivated:


Listen. One of the quickest ways to increase loyalty and retention is to listen to your colleagues. People who feel heard are more likely to stay than those who believe their thoughts, ideas and feelings don’t matter.  Listening also works to build self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy, a person’s belief that he/she can achieve certain tasks.


The last thing someone wants to hear when they bring an idea forward is:  “Oh, what do you know? You are new here.  You haven’t had the experience that I’ve had. You haven’t walked in my shoes.  I am in charge here!”  While these statements may be true, they serve to create walls, not bridges.  Words like these can have a long-term, damaging effect on even the most seasoned professional, making them want to run for the door.  

Acknowledge Ideas.  Although every idea and suggestion cannot be acted upon nor all requests granted, acknowledging a person’s input can go a long way toward making him or her feel like an integral part of the team.  Not only can you acknowledge the idea, you can also acknowledge the thought behind the idea, their unique perspective or skill set in formulating the request.  All of these will help to create a sense of belonging. 

Take for example, Sally, a new CNA, who during a routine vitals check discovered a patient had been receiving blood pressure medication for several days, even though the patient had no prior history of high blood pressure.  After talking with the patient, Sally determined that the blood pressure cuff being used was too small, which caused the patient’s vital signs to be drastically altered.  Immediately she took this information to management and adjustments were made that quite possibly saved the patient’s life. Administration took notice of Sally’s quick problem-solving and analytical skills and rewarded her publicly for being a diligent patient advocate. More importantly, her co-workers gave her both respect and praise for her ability to take command in an emergency situation.

Be A Motivator.  Find out what motivates your colleagues.  This will be different for each person.  Some are motivated by praise, while others are motivated by power and prestige.  Still others are energized through more intrinsic factors, such as a sense of pride, meaning and value.  The days of cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all motivation is over.  To actively engage your co-workers, you need to find out what works for each person. Don’t treat your co-workers the way YOU want to be treated, treat them the way THEY want to be treated.  How do you find out what motivates them?  Ask them!


Be Aware Of Information Overload. Be careful that YOU are not the cause of your colleague’s demise by over-sharing. Sometimes you can cause undue stress by getting too in depth about challenging meetings, hospital politics, and your latest interactions with difficult people.  This doesn’t mean you can’t share ANY of your personal life with your co-workers, but try to keep the negative to a minimum. After all, most people have enough on their plate without keeping up with your stresses.


A good rule of thumb is to try and keep conversations as positive and productive as possible.  The latest research suggests that for every negative comment we make, we should say at least three positive statements.  By keeping conversations focused on what you can do, what you are willing to do, and what you have done, you can decrease a colleagues’ stress level.


Model The Behavior You Want.  Be aware, from the time you arrive for your shift to the time you leave, you are visible to others.   Your goal is to be as “positively visible” as possible.  Become a model for the behavior you want to see in others.  Remember that your colleagues often take their behavioral cues from you.  If you greet them with a welcoming, “Good Morning,” they are likely to do the same. If you maintain a professional atmosphere, you’ll notice that they will follow suit. Yet if you call them out on their behavior without adjusting your own bad habits, they will see you as hypocritical and insincere.


Focus On Strengths Rather Than Weaknesses.  There has been a trend for years to harp on weaknesses rather than develop strengths.  If you look at most performance appraisal forms, you will first find an area for improvement.  While continuous improvement is important, we now know that there are individuals who will excel at certain tasks.  By working cooperatively with others, you can utilize the strengths of each individual. 

For additional information, check out Now Discover Your Strengthsby Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, Ph.D. or take the Strengths Finder profile at:

Remove Obstacles.   Another great way to increase loyalty and retention is to work diligently to remove roadblocks so people can be as productive as possible.  By immediately addressing issues involving personal safety, sexual harassment, workplace violence and discrimination, you will help create an environment where your colleagues feel comfortable coming to work. 


Supportive Care. While you can’t completely change your environment, you can promote a sense of support and care among your fellow nurses to help them cope with the variety of difficult situations they face. By paying attention to your words and how you communicate, both verbally and nonverbally, you can create a healthy culture of communications.


By applying these simple strategies you can dramatically increase your odds of receiving the answer, “I’ll stay,” when others are deciding, “Should I stay or should I go now?  


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I know I am a bit behind on this blog, as of late.  Things are swirling around me and I am trying to catch them all and hold them in my pockets.  Like my 17 month old niece stuffing pecans into her pockets.  Just because she has pockets.  I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the things I am thankful for, in light of the holiday tomorrow:

  • Health – 2007 and the early months of 2008 were pretty rough for me, health-wise.  I am very thankful that I have not been seriously ill in the past 6 months and hope this trend will continue as I get my stress level under control.
  • Family & Friends– Thank you to my awesome family and amazing network of friends.  You mean the world to me, and I couldn’t see life without you.  Thank you, also, for your continued support of my writing ventures.  It thrills me to no end to know that my writing is being read and appreciated.  This is also extended to my new network of blog friends! You guys bring laughter into my day, and I totally love you for it!  Lori, Amy, Maggie, Jenny, Melanie and Craig… just to name a few.
  • Idiots in the Workplace– Without you… I wouldn’t have a blog.  Hehe
  • Articles being published!!! – I found out this morning that an article I co-authored with Susanne will be published in at least 5 different publications in the coming months.  Woohoo!
  • Sarcasm and Snark – Without you, I would have no reason to exist.  You truly help me through the day and for that, I am forever grateful..
  • BLOG COMMENTS – I am thrilled and grateful for each and every comment left on my blog.  If you read it… and you like it… PLEASE comment!  Even if it just says, “Great post” it really makes my day.  I love the ones that say “I love it… and I am a little drunk” (ahem, Jenny hehe) even more.  Bahaha

Now…. if you have something to be thankful about, go ahead and give me a shout!!  In a comment.  Just press the button… it’s not hard hehe 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Can you use that in a sentence, please??

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Working at The Company was always interesting.  Mostly, it was excruciating, but always interesting.  The department I worked for was made up of the the highest educated group in the organization (4 out of 5 of us holding Master’s degrees), and also the lowest paid (Good times!).  We were often called upon to work on projects belonging to other groups, simply because they knew we could get things done quickly and professionally.
One day we were called in to work on The Company’s Strategic Plan.  Our company put out a published Strategic Plan annually which outlined both the accomplishments of the previous year and the goals (short-term and long-term) for the future.  We began to work on the document and noticed some interesting things right away.  First, only slight changes were made to it each year, and they were usually wrong.  Second, the language used in the document was ridiculous, and hard to understand.  We found ourselves saying, “What does that mean???” on an ongoing basis.
One word, in particular, was used several times, and none of us had ever heard it before.  We actually had to look it up in the dictionary.  The word was “Inculcate.”  Never heard of it?  Here is the definition:

(ĭn-kŭl’kāt’, ĭn’kŭl-)  tr.v.   in·cul·cat·ed, in·cul·cat·ing, in·cul·cates

  1. To impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill: inculcating sound principles.
  2. To teach (others) by frequent instruction or repetition; indoctrinate: inculcate the young with a sense of duty.

[Latin inculcāre, inculcāt-, to force upon : in-, on; see in-2 + calcāre, to trample (from calx, calc-, heel).]

I totally get that they were intending to use the first definition of the word.  However, they were much more prone to trampling people into submission.

Here’s a thought – When you are trying to get people on board with your ideas – Simplicity and clarity are the order of the day.  Try not to choose words which confuse people, or are left open to such interpretation.

Someone might just write a book about it…