Dear Co-worker:

There are several things I do not want to see when I enter the bathroom at work.  One, you well know, is your pee on the seat.  Gross.  Another would be people changing their clothes like it is a gym locker room.  Really, yoga lady… I don’t need to see your panties at work.

But… this one… is a new one.  When I walked into stall #1 this morning, I came across this little bit of TMI:


Now, I completely understand that you are having some discomfort, and I do not begrudge you the temporary relief that this ointment must provide.  But seriously, lady… TAKE THE CREAM WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!!!

I like my co-workers (well, most of them), but this is entirely too much information.

The less I know about your ass… the better.


7 Responses to “Dear Co-worker:”

  1. I cannot breathe.

    By the way.

    Just cannot breathe.

  2. OMG, I just found your blog and am now in love! Thanks for the hysterics, I’m bookmarking you!

  3. HOLY COW. That is just not right!!

  4. wellthenhowaboutthisone Says:

    I love that you have a tag “ass cream.” I am tempted to click . . . Maybe later.

  5. wellthenhowaboutthisone Says:

    By the way, WordPress has me signed in as “wellthenhowaboutthisone,” even tho my REAL name is:

    JD from I Do Things!

  6. DUDE! I would have gotten a mega phone and announced “Will the asshole, no pun intended, who left their poop chute cream in the bathroom come back and claim their shit, this is nasty.”

  7. That’s just way too funny (well, not funny that someone has to deal with that, but they really should make an effort to take their medicated ointment with them when they leave.)

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