Excitation and Other Ramblings

I was excited to log-in this afternoon and see that I have finally broken 1,000 hits on this blog!!  It has been almost four months since I got the bug to blog, and I am thrilled to death that you keep on coming back for more!  Thank you!

So in other rambling news –   I caught the Peeing Mantis in the bathroom last week.  I hate her guts.  I can’t look at her without mentally strangling her and then shuddering at the thought of actually having physical contact with her and her gross ways.  [vomit]

Yesterday it SNOWED in Houston!!  Oh, I was thrilled.  This morning, I heard that there were more the 500 accidents in the area in less than 24-hours due to weather.  It really just proves that people are dumb.  If you get in your car and utter the phrase, “Whatever!  I can make it…”  Chances are… you are an idiot.  And you probably did not make it.  And are now on the side of the road looking like a tool while the news team quizzes you on your idiocy.

Another thought – when looking at my search engine terms today that have brought people to my blog… I ran across this one:

Women peeing web sites

Whoever you are… you are one sick bastard. [shudder]  This is NOT that kind of site.  I do talk about said Peeing Mantis… but seriously… GROSS!

Hmmm… I think that is all for now.  I will be back to blogging about The Company very soon.  In the meantime – check out my friend’s new blog!  He is quite talented!! 


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