Pasta… de la Stupid

This is the story of Brody.  Brody was the 3 year old grandson of my coworker and friend, Joella.  Joella would come in and tell us all of the things little Brody would say.  He was hysterical.  One day she was telling us about talking to Brody on the phone and asking him if he missed her.  “No,” Brody said.  “Oh, Brody!  I miss you so much!  It hurts grand-mommy that you don’t miss her!!,” said Joella.  Brody stopped and thought about it and said, “I have been trying and trying to miss you… but I just don’t.”  Classic.

So, one day, Joella was telling us about some new phrases Brodyhad picked up.  She was doing a small catering job on the side and Brody came over to ask what she was making.  “Pasta,” she replied.  “Pasta de la crotch?”  What???  Joella was floored and trying not to laugh hysterically at the same time (just like we were when she was reliving this tale).  Apparently, he had picked up this phrase from the movie Cheaper By The Dozen.  Brody went out to lunch with his mother and his other grandmother shortly thereafter and when grandmother ordered her pasta…  hehe  I love kids.  We began referring to Brody as “Little Pasta” after this.

Little Pasta also picked up another little habit somewhere along the way.  When someone would say something he didn’t like, he would mumble under his breath… “Stupid.”  Somehow, in reliving these stories, we also picked up that habit.  Whenever someone would ask us something so unbelievably dumb, we would all mutter, “Stupid” as they walked away.

One day it got to be too much… I blurted out “Pasta de la Stupid!!!”  This became the catch phrase for all things retarded in that office.  Ah, memories…


One Response to “Pasta… de la Stupid”

  1. fancylori Says:

    I’m sorry. But the only comment I have on this one is:


    Ahem. Sorry.



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