You are the opposite of right, and I don’t mean left!

It always amazes me that people are so sure about their opinions that they will argue them to the death.  Even when they are so wrong it hurts to think about them and all their wrongness.  I just look at these people thinking… “Wow… you are really wrong.  And dumb.  Yeah, dumb and wrong.”  But, mostly I just stand there with my mouth open in a state of shock and disbelief.

Because when you are fighting for something you REALLY believe in (and are wrong about), you aren’t remotely listening to the other person’s (right) opinion.  You just want to win.  But you won’t.  Because you are wrong.

So, when I was working at The Company, I was having a conversation with B one day.  I don’t remotely remember the context or why we were talking about this, but the subject of colors came up.  It went something like this:

Me:  I think we should use Primary Colors on [insert whatever we were talking about here]

B:  Yes, I think that is a great idea.  Use green.

Me:  Green is not a primary color.  It is a secondary color.

B:  No.  Green is a primary color.

Me:  [crickets chirping] Huh?  My mother is an artist.  I went to Kindergarten.  Red, Yellow, and Blue are primary colors.  Green is a secondary color – because it is made up of two primary colors.  That’s its nature.

B:  No [getting angry] it is PRIMARY.

Me: [thinking] You are and idiot.  [saying] Whatever.

I think the exchange went on longer than this, but even now I throw up in my mouth a little just reliving this exchange… Minutes of my life I will never get back.  I lost a littlea lot of respect for her in that one conversation.  Nevermind the grammatical errors or obnoxious ring tone (a really bad polyphonic version of Heart & Soul – always playing on the loudest setting – Plus a walkie talkie built in which would chirp at any given moment)… I now hated her.


2 Responses to “You are the opposite of right, and I don’t mean left!”

  1. Just because it comes in the simple box of 8 crayons does not make it primary. But question since white is all colors and black is no color. Are they primary as well?… If that is the case is any one color truely primary are is that a scheme that the preschool lies to you about? It all has to do with what light is reflected so all color is equal, right?
    Maybe she was a color activist, huh. Now do you still hate her, huh.

    OK sorry about that, I went way off track. I’ve composed myself now.

  2. fancylori Says:

    The desire to be right often contributes to severe retardation.

    I know this, because I am retarded.

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