For the Guys: A Tip

Women love getting flowers.  Even the ones who say they don’t like flowers… secretly wish someone would send them flowers.  I am going to give all of you guys a little tip.  Your wives/girfriends/mothers/sisters/boyfriends (We don’t judge here on the 4th floor…) love getting flowers AT WORK.  Don’t send them to her at home where only she can enjoy them.  Send them to her office so that EVERYONE knows how lucky she is to have someone awesome enough to send her flowers.  She wants to rub them in other people’s faces, even if only in her mind.

These arrived for me today:


And I love them!  I love that they came to me at work.  I love that they are sitting on my desk right where everyone who walks by can see them.  I love that other people are jealous that I got them and they did not.  I can admit that.  hehe  Enjoy my pretty flowers. 

PS – Thanks to Steve, my husband, for sending these to me today.  AT WORK.  Where they belong!


3 Responses to “For the Guys: A Tip”

  1. These are impressively beautiful. Steve really did a nice job.

    Now, back to work on the gourd vase…

  2. Love this. A couple of weeks ago the FEDEX man pulled up out front as I was leaving (I work from home but totally agree with you on the SEND THEM TO THE OFFICE thing!!). He said, “HEY! I’m going to make your day!!” There was a box from 1-800 flowers from the man who is both the love of my life and best friend. Out of the blue to say “I love you”. This made what was about to be a crappy afternoon (more physical therapy for my messed up knee) into an awesome one. I don’t need or ask for flowers…but he surprises me with all sorts of “thinking of you” stuff. Anyone who says, “ah-yuck..that makes me sick” is just missing out on good loving!

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