My Cubicle

My cubicle at my current (and let’s face it… EVERY) job is a disaster.  I don’t really mind working in a cube, although I LONG for a door some days.  The biggest problem I have comes from external sources.  Namely the cackling bitches down the hall who apparently have nothing better to do than talk loudly and cackle incessantly all day long.  Bitter?  Maybe.  At least I have a cube with a view… of the freeway 🙂

Here is a little song that really sums it all up (Click the link below).  I hope you enjoy.

My Cubicle


One Response to “My Cubicle”

  1. fancylori Says:

    Love it!! I would love a view of the freeway. I would get lost for hours.

    And the song is GOLD, baby!!!!

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