The Office Dullard

The office dullard is a clever foe…  According to Strong Bad (, this is a person to be outwitted and avoided at all costs.  At The Company, we had just such a fellow.  Chuck had been with The Company for over 35 years and, let’s face it, really didn’t have a job.  He just showed up and wandered around the office annoying people, and collected a check.  He also had a Company-issued vehicle and spent most of his days “running errands.”  Chuck was also one of those guys who wore his jeans WAAAAAY too tight, if you get my drift.  Put them away, buddy! 

Chuck was the manager of the print shop and supply room, but was never in either place.  You would see him bothering the Administrative Assistants, telling corny jokes, or talking inappropriately about his sex life – with people who were not his wife.

Taking our cues from Strong Bad – because, honestly who doesn’t take their cues from a cartoon in a Mexican wrestler mask and boxing gloves – we learned several interesting techniques for dealing with The Office Dullard.  If you are looking for effective techniques, I suggest you get the full experience by watching the master at work (

Mmmm…. Multi-tasking….


One Response to “The Office Dullard”

  1. fancylori Says:

    Chuck had a sex life with people who were not his wife that he could talk inappropriately about? Just goes to show that you can go out any night of the week and…


    Okay. And yes. I take all of my cues from anyone wearing a Mexican wrestler mask. It is a sign of authority where I come from.

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